Apollo is an eye disease or virus that affect the eye. It’s term describes a group of diseases that causes swelling, itching, burning, and redness of the conjunctiva, the protective membrane that lines the eyelids and covers exposed areas of the sclera, or white part of the eye. It is caused by a virus which is very contagious and spreads easily.

Treatment of Conjunctivitis (Apollo Eye Disease)

The virus may affect one or both eyes. At its onset, conjunctivitis is usually painless and does not adversely affect vision but can be uncomfortable. The body’s defenses will clear viral conjunctivitis in one to three weeks, and medication is not always necessary. Cold compresses several times a day on the eyes may offer relief as may artificial tears and dark sunglasses. But for some forms of conjunctivitis, treatment will be needed. If treatment is delayed, the infection may worsen and cause corneal inflammation and a loss of vision.


The symptoms of Apollo include

  • Sore eyes
  • Feeling of grittiness or burning
  • Redness
  • watery discharge
  • Swelling of eyelid
  • Light sensitivity.

The statement said the disease was self-limiting and usually resolves spontaneously within two weeks and the discomfort could be relieved with the use of artificial tears and cool moist towel applied around the eyes and use of other eye medication. It advised against the use of steroids eye drops and affected persons to report immediately to an eye care worker for appropriate treatment.


It is contagious, the affected persons should stay away from non affected persons as much as possible to prevent spreading of the disease.

It is recommended that affected persons should stay away from school or work until the conditions resolves, frequent hand washing and personal hygiene measures and avoiding rubbing the eyes with unclean hands should prevent the disease.

People should desist from sharing towels, beddings and other items with affected persons.

If the condition is not resolved or worsens within 1 week, please consult with the eye doctor nearest to you.


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