Have you had your eyes checked lately?

Have you had your eyes checked lately

Regular eye exams are an important part of maintaining good health. Eye exams will not only determine your refractive error (the prescription for your glasses) but also can detect early signs of eye disease including glaucoma, retinal disease, hypertension and even diabetes. Many problems with eye health have no early symptoms and can easily be treated if detected early.

Poor vision can also hinder a child’s ability to learn and is not always detected by vision screenings. In fact, 80% of everything a child learns depends on the health of the visual system and the typical Snellen (Big E) Chart can detect only 20-30% of the vision problems. During a comprehensive ocular examination, not only is visual process evaluated but also the external and internal health of the eye.

Think of all the tasks that you perform in a day, including the ability to read this article. Your eyes are what allow you to perform those tasks efficiently and effectively yet many of us take our vision for granted. An eye exam for you or your child is a great investment in your future whether or not a visual disorder is uncovered.

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